Weigh up your options. Editor Tim Hodges reckons that if you are a very mobile angler or simply fed up with lugging tons of gear, the JRC STEALTH X-LITE is the bedchair for you.

The modern carp angler usually carries an absolute mountain of gear with him or her to the bank. There are times when I wonder how everyone would cope if they were restricted to what I used to carry with me for a couple of nights’ fishing. Somehow I used to get everything that I needed onto a motorbike; these days I can barely get it all in my car.

The new Stealth X-Lite bedchair is of real benefit to anglers trying to reduce the weight of their tackle. Considering how light it is – just 6.7kg – it is incredibly strong due to the frame being constructed from featherweight 6061 aerospace-grade aluminium.

It has three sets of legs for stability and an ergonomically designed, extra-thick padded 600D cover for comfort. A nice touch is the non-removable hand wheels, which in the past had a habit of falling off unnoticed and being lost.

The legs are all adjustable with oversized mudfeet so that you can always get your bed nice and comfortable and it won’t sink in the mud.

This is a very well-built bedchair that will really suit anglers who like to stay mobile or who have extra-long walks to get to their chosen swim.

Strong, comfortable and light, what more could you want?

Price: £134.99

Website: www.jrc-fishing.co.uk