Editor Tim Hodges says:

“When I was young and mad keen I would have slept on a bed of rusty nails, but time stands still for no man. These days I require something a lot more comfortable for my old, aching bones to lie on.

“The JRC Super Cocoon bedchair has ticked that box admirably over the last few months. The padded mattress is more than acceptable and there is ample padding around the edge to protect you from the frame.

“This offering is different from most bedchairs because it folds down into four, which makes it very compact and easy to transport, even in a small family car. Plus, its three equally spaced legs make it extremely stable on the bank.

“I was very surprised how light it is, at just a shade over 9kg, which was very useful when I have had to barrow my gear; every ounce that I can save in these situations is a bonus.

“The legs are simple to adjust and lock in position, so it has been easy to get myself a nice stable platform to lie on and the head section has an adjustable recliner system. It also boasts extra-large swivel mudfeet, which helps you achieve a flat, stable position.

“It comes with an adjustable strap to secure the chair in transport and a very robust carry bag, which will keep it dry if it is raining when you are walking to your swim.

“If I had one minor criticism it is that because it folds in the middle it can be awkward to move it around in your bivvy. This is probably more down to the fact that I am not used to it and it has become easier the more that I have used it.”

Price: £179.99
Website: www.uk.purefishing.com