Angler runs marathon for epileptic step son.

Neil Stockton, of Cheshire superstore Stapeley Angling Centre, has agreed to run the London Marathon to raise money for charity, Epilepsy Research.

Neil’s step son, nine-year-old Ben Smith, has battled with the condition for four years, and Neil started running 10kM races three years ago to raise money for the cause.

Now he’s stepping up his efforts with the mammoth 26-mile London Marathon on April 21st.

Ben’s mum Vicki explained: “Ben enjoys life to the maximum, nothing will ever stop him. You wouldn’t know it to look at him that he suffers from epilepsy. That said, each day is a struggle with numerous seizures of differing sorts, many medications and now he has memory loss and struggles to sleep.

“Despite all this, though, Ben is the brightest, happiest boy you could ever meet, and he never lets anything get him down. We, as a family, want to help other people in our position and raise funds and awareness for Epilepsy Research.”

Having run a 10km race in Manchester in aid of Epilepsy Research, Neil is no stranger to big runs – but his attempt at the London Marathon is by far his biggest challenge yet.

“He is training hard and we are trying our very best to raise as many funds for this fantastic cause as we can,” added Vicki.

You can support Neil by clicking here to donate