“As close to lead-free leader as you can get – heavy and supple.”


Max says: My venue of choice in 2015 had a leader ban, meaning I wasn’t able to fish my leadless leader materials. Firstly I resorted to using a thick mono main line with putty running up it, but several tangles and the worry that the line may catch on a fish I am playing soon had me taking a look into rig tubing. When I last used rig tubing it was stiff and would be poor at hugging the contours.
After testing a variety I finally settled on Korda’s Dark Matter. Firstly, it feels really weighty. Couple this with the flexibility and you have a pretty effective rig tube that is as close to lead-free leader as I have experienced. I use the Gravel Brown version because of the bright clay in my chosen venue and with a marker pen a few flecks really break up the outline on the lake bed.
Finally, a piece of putty at the end pins down to the rig. To alleviate tangles I used around 15 inches of tubing. This also reduces weight when I need to cast a longer distance. Where it dictates, I am sure I will be reverting to the Dark Matter.
Price: £4.99
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