I set off to the lake at first light in the hope of seeing a few fish. After an initial lap around the lake I had not seen any signs but when I walked into the bay I’d fished on my previous trip one showed straight away. Im not normally one for fishing the same peg in consecutive sessions but at this time of year when the fish are grouping together location is important.

With having caught fish on my previous session finding the spots was pretty easy and after setting up my Tempest Composite the rods were in position within half an hour. I’d written down in my phone the exact wraps for each spot and the tree line markers I was aiming at. Three single high viz pop ups were casted out and I put just two spomb fulls of bait over the top of each rod.


The fish continued to show throughout the morning but so far I’d had no success. When lunchtime approached I noticed more and more fish were showing tight to the far reed line and I moved one of my rods close to where the fish were clearly moving. Almost instantly the rod was away which resulted in a low double figure common, ok it wasn’t massive but a fish is a fish at this time of year. After I’d got the rod back in position things started to take a turn for the worse. Not only had a pair of cootes found one of my baited spots but a group of tufted birds had found the other! Within 10 minutes both rods had been picked up and to top it off a swan had flew into my lines which consequently led to it pulling my pod over as all three rods had wrapped around its body.

After sorting the mess out the swan had left and the rods were repositioned for the night, but there was no further action. I had noticed a pattern that most of my fish were coming on the second morning with very little happening in the hours of darkness. At 10:00am the following morning a friend of mine happened to have a few fish from one of the other lakes on the complex and said they were really active at the moment. Although this particular lake has a much lower stock then my winter water I decided to take the risk and move lakes.

My approach was exactly the same although this time all three rods were cast onto the same area 88 yards out into open water. I started with six spomb fulls of bait onto the spot with a plan of putting three more out just before sunset. Nothing happened during daylight but at 17:00pm my right hand rod was away after seeing a couple of fish show over it 20 minutes before.

Instantly I believed the fish was one of the babies that had been stocked this year but that theory soon changed as the fish came under the rod tip. I eventually slipped the net under what looked like a decent common, but before I did anything else the fish was put in the retention sling and three spomb fulls of bait were put back over the area and a new rig was casted onto the spot. The fish weighed in at 30lb 14oz which, I was really pleased with as it was my 18th Northern thirty plus fish in four months.


The rest of the afternoon/evening was quite but at midnight I had a double take, which both fish turned out to be single figure stockies which, I put straight back. I decided to reposition all three rods at this point with fresh pop ups and put five spomb fulls of bait back out. At 04:30am I received another take and this time it turned out to be a 24lb mirror.

24lb Mirror

By this time I was really tired and once I’d put the fish back I jumped straight into my sleeping bag. I shut my eyes for a second when the same rod was away again! If I lost this particular fish I would of said it was one of the big ones but it turned out to be another nice mirror around the 23lb mark.

23lb Mirror

I finished off the session with a small stockie just before it got light and six fish in just under 24 hours was more than enough for me.