Due to having some success recently on my club water I decided to have a rare midweek session. My time on the bank is very limited, I usually get approximately 36 hours a week so it’s crucial to take advantage of every opportunity I get.

Everything seems to be going to plan at the moment, 8 weeks back on the club water and ive managed several of the lakes big commons already. My approach has been very simple, check the weather, find the fish and be as proactive as possible during the time I have available. I’ve been keeping my rigs very basic using multi rigs for my pop up fishing and IQ D rigs for presenting bottom baits or wafters.


When I arrived at the lake Monday morning I was shocked to see the amount of angling pressure on the lake. The weekend, as a rule, is usually the busiest time of the week but with fifty new members being added to the already pressured ticket things are getting a bit hectic, to say the least. I decided to set up in a swim called ‘the top nature reserve, I could see fish showing out towards the central body of the lake and this swim would give me access to them.

Three IQ D rigs were presented at 100 yards and with 10 spombs of bait accurately placed over the top. I decided to go light with the bait for a change to see if I could bring about a quick result. To my surprise the plan worked and know sooner had I finished spombing and the right-hand rod was away. The result was one of the new stockies that were introduced at the beginning of the year, but a nice start non the less !

The next 24 hours were uneventful and it wasn’t until 7:00am the next morning that I received my next bite. Over the course of the next three hours I had four bites and all of them turned out to be the new stockies! The rods were repositioned back on the spot and another six spombs of bait went over the top. Over the next five hours, I managed four more fish including two commons of 20lb and 23lb and two mirrors including a 25lb linear.

25lb Mirror

Again after the flurry of fish the spot went quite for the next 24 hours, at 6:00am the following morning I received huge drop back and as soon as I connected with the fish I knew I was into something special. The fish just kept plodding and made slow lunges but after a 25-minute battle I could see it was another one of the big commons, little did I know just how big.  When I finally managed to land the fish it wasn’t until she was placed onto the unhooking mat that I released which fish it was and how big she was. She weighed in at 40lb 4oz and was a fish known as the “Snoop Nose Common”, it was my third personal best in just over a month and my first UK 40+ fish.

40lb Common

After the capture of the forty pound common the fish continued to come with another four stockies and two more commons of 20lb and 26lb. As dinner time approached I decided to pack everything away and head for home. I’d packed everything onto the barrow with just the rods left to wind in when one of my reels went into meltdown! I hooked into another decent fish which unfortunately after a 10-minute battle managed throw the hook. With the session coming to a close and with fifteen out of sixteen fish landed I was pleased, to say the least and I’m sure had I stayed there would have been more to come. I was more than happy with the result and I  headed for home to celebrate.

26lb Common