With a sudden change in temperature and Spring seemingly upon us, I decided to get a quick overnighter in on my club water. I arrived at the lake after work Friday afternoon around 15:00 and after a quick lap of the lake, I was greeted with the information that nothing had been seen for a while, let alone caught.

Confident as ever I decided to have a walk up into the top bay of the lake where there was less pressure as the majority of anglers had set their stall out centrally. The bay had a nice southeasterly blowing into it and with a drop in pressure and slightly shallower water, I gathered some of the fish may have drifted into the quiet bay. The peg offers a ‘No fishing’ bank across the far margin which has around five to six feet of water on top of a bar, the closer in you then come back towards the peg it drops to around 18ft in the middle.

Up went the Tempest Composite and I decided to put all three rods in different spots and cover as much of the bay as possible, two rods went onto the slope of the bar in 8ft of water and the other in around 15ft. My rigs were my ever faithful multi-rig constructed from 20lb Kamo strippable braid and a trusty size 6 kurv shank which id sharpened down with a JAG file.

2017 02 18 11.05.40 Loz East

I put two rods out on Mainline Diamond white pop-ups due to white producing most of my bites throughout the winter and one on a yellow IB pop up. Each rod had one spombfull of bait over the top of it and my mix consisted of chopped Cell and Activ8 boilies, chick peas, response pellets and a sprinkling of corn. The mix was finished with some of the IB stick mix liquid over the top and then when I was filling the spomb up I added some more liquid to leave a trail of smell through the water column.

Multi rig nailed Loz East

Just before sunset, I thought I noticed a fish 10 yards out to the left-hand side of my swim. It came out on a spot I’d never seen them show over before and after waiting for any wildlife to appear it didn’t. Although I actually never saw the fish I was 90% sure it was one. I then looked back out towards the centre of the lake and over the next 30 minutes saw fish show regularly which put doubt in my mind about the swim choice.

That doubt soon disappeared though as at 21:00 pm I had a drop back on my right-hand rod and landed a lovely dark 23lb common. Safe to say after a few weeks away from the lake and with rumours of how poor the fishing had been I was over the moon.

23lb Common

Despite that bite nothing else materialised overnight and I was up just before first light to look for any signs of showing fish. After making myself a brew a fish head and shouldered to my left 10 yards over the same spot as Friday. I quickly wound my left-hand rod in and as the rig approached the rings what the disturbance had made I lowered my rig into around 18ft of water.

Before I’d even managed to clip my bobbin on I’d had a take pulling the line out my hands! It resulted in a small double-figure common which was unhooked in the net and the rig was put straight back out on the spot to maximise my chances of another take. 

No sooner had I let the little common go and the rod was away again and like peas in a pod, it was another small common to which I repeated the same process. By this time I was cursing myself as to why I never put a rod there last night. Around an hour later the same rod was away again and this time it felt like a better fish and after a 5-minute tussle I had a lovely 21lb mirror in its winter colours which was placed in the retention sling so again I could reposition the rod.

21 mirror Loz East
21lb Mirror

Despite the flurry of activity that was the last of the action for me, I’d been given the green light to stay another night but I decided to build up the browny points until Spring really arrives and one night in the winter is more than enough.