Three rods could be allowed on one licence.

Carp anglers could soon have good cause to celebrate, as it has been announced that the Environment Agency is considering allowing up to three rods to be used on just one licence. In the current system, anglers are required to buy an additional licence if they want to fish with any more than the current limit of two rods per permit. This has caused a nuisance to carp and specimen anglers who fish waters where three rods are allowed – as they have to buy two licences, effectively doubling the cost.

In a review – planned for 2014, the Environment Agency is planning to review the whole pricing structure of licences to ensure anglers are getting value for money.

Marc Coulson, Editor of Total Carp Magazine commented: “I have never minded buying one licence, but have always been slightly narked at buying two. It seems the Environment Agency have finally seen sense, the move will be good for carp anglers, but for fishing as a whole.”