This is the first of what will hopefully be weekly fishery reports on the ACF website; I’ll do my best to keep you informed of how all the lakes are fishing along with anything else that’s going on at the complex.

Over the last couple of weeks the fishing has really picked up with loads of fish getting caught; this has included a number of the complex’s prized fish, one of which was a complex record! To be honest there’s been far too many fish caught to list them all, so here’s a run down of some of the fish reported to me.

Martin Wright from Northwich landed a new PB 47lb 5oz common. This massive common is a new Oxlease lake record and complex record for commons. Another forty fell to the rods of Linear regular, Ian Oldham when he slipped the net under a new PB 40lb 8oz mirror. Ian and his partner Lynn have landed a number of fish between them using zig-rigs along with bottom baits. Plymouth angler, Rob Webber had a 23lb 8oz mirror followed by a new PB 36lb 8oz mirror, both fish fell to PB Baits Re-act pop-ups over matching bottom baits. And Jay Bowers had 10 fish during a recent session using CC Moore live system boilies, a session that saw him land two thirties weighing 31lb 10oz and 34lb 2oz.

Simon Whittle had mirrors of 22lb and 26lb using Custom Baits Fen Spice boilies. Josh Daynes from Dave’s of Middlewich had seven fish during a 72-hour session, the biggest weighed 36lb 4oz. And Mark Haley recently landed one of the lake’s big mirrors known as “Mr Ridiculous” at 40lb. CC Moore Equinox boilies did the business for Mark.

Not had many reports recently but on Yeomans Lake, Neill Beard had mirrors of 20lb and 22lb during a recent trip. And on Unity Lake Neil Richards had a 28lb 14oz mirror and Jonny Hampton had a 28lb 4oz mirror. Also on Unity recently was Nick Howelane who landed a 21lb 8oz mirror.

Sparsholt student, Jonathan Clifford has been doing really well landing a number of fish recently including the lake’s “Big Common” at a new PB weight of 42lb 6oz. Mike Plumer from Walton on Thames had a very nice 31lb 12oz mirror. Eleven-year-old Simon Gadd from Wantage had a new PB 28lb 3oz mirror whilst fishing with his uncle and very proud father, Simon. Someone else landing a new PB was Dave King who landed a stunning 37lb 12oz mirror. The cats have started to wake up recently with a number of smaller ones getting caught along with a monstrous 72lb fish that fell to the rods of Dave Sherwood.

Richworth field tester, Colin Morris had a number of fish recently during a couple of day sessions. Colin used Richworth S-core boilies two land fish up to 28lb. Bob Self had a new lake record ghost carp weighing 22lb. Clive Turner from Didcot Angling had 16 fish recently, with four of the fish weighing over 20lb along with a 19lb 2oz ghostie mirror. Rob McDonnell had nine fish up to 24lb during a quick overnight session. And last but not least was Benedict Fowler who enjoyed a very memorable session. Young Benedict landed 22 fish using CC Moore Northern Specials and solid bags fished over a big bed of bait. During his session Benedict landed a new lake record common weighing 23lb 3oz and along with the lake’s biggest ever recorded mirror at a weight of 34lb 14oz.

For further details on the fishery, please contact Head Bailiff Roy Parsons on (07885 327708) or visit the website at

Captions for photos –
A – Benedict Fowler with the New Brasenose-Two Lake record weighing 34lb 14oz.
B – Jonathan Clifford with the “Big Common” from St. John’s, his new PB at 42lb 6oz.
C – Martin Wright from Northwich with his new PB 47lb 5oz common.
D – Young Ryan Gadd with his new PB 28lb 3oz mirror, being helped by his dad Simon.

By Chris Blunt