With a huge launch from the Nash stable in 2014, bringing with it the ever-popular Scope range, it was with excitement that we made the long journey down to deepest Essex to get the first look at the new releases for 2015/16.

With the main drops being released between October and December of this year, with great timing, the first batch of the brand-new Scope Black Ops rods arrived on site and was individually quality checked by the team under our gaze.
There are a host of new products, as you would expect from the tackle giant. These included a new range of chairs, from large, padded armchairs to a new version of its fantastic Nomad Ultralite, which is incredibly light and houses a shoulder strap in the back for the mobile angler. The larger chairs in the range all feature a lumbar support brace that can be adjusted, and fits directly into the rear of the chairs too – genius.
A few new bedchairs increase the range of comfort, including an incredibly light, two-leg airframe model in both standard and one-layer sleep system options, as well as the new Scope bedchair. It folds in three places to pack down to a smaller shape, and houses the unique sleep system that Nash is famous for.
A host of Scope Black Ops luggage allows you to customise each piece with the pouches you require for each session. The webbing strap design makes them incredibly easy to use and versatile. There are several rod sleeves to house the Scope and Scope Black Ops rods, as well as a sneaky rucksack that has the option of housing the Scope Sawn Off rods if you require. There was also a great little Sawn Off rod sleeve that can be turned into a utility belt cum bum bag – perfect for stalking!
In terms of rods, Nash has released a new range of NRs for the angler requiring a long-distance setup. They are finished with matt-black whippings around the ultra-slim rings and look sleek and understated.
The main release, from what we could see on the day, was the brand-new Scope Black Ops rod range. Available in the same lengths and test curves as the original cork-handled Scopes, the new Black Ops bring a whole new look to the popular brand. They are black, they are carbon, and they are incredibly pleasing on the eye. They now feature a butt stopper on the blank to prevent your rod being pulled in, and we’re sure they will be a great seller for the brand – just wait ’til you see them!
A Black Ops 42in net complements the new rods and stays true to the Scope ethos because the arms of the net itself actually fold in two to give it an incredibly small pack-down size.
One highlight product we’ve picked out is a clever retainer device that has two floating pouches that fit over each end of the net, and strap together in the middle to turn any landing net into a floating retainer.
Be sure to check out the new range of products when they land in a shop near you – you won’t be disappointed!