Avid Ace Banks 41-10-0 Mirror On Second Visit To Lake!

Nigel Williams has banked this massive 41llb 10oz mirror on just his second visit to the popular Acton Burnell fishery. The Cheltenham ace took the fish using a Sonubaits Code Red pop-up fished over a scattering of 50 matching boilies.

He told Angling News Week: “Unlike a lot of specimen anglers, I don’t get too preoccupied with size- anything over 25lb is a monster to me, but to catch something of this size on my second visit to the venue really is a dream come true.

I fell in love with Acton Burnell the first time I came here, it really is set in gorgeous surroundings, and with it being open access- meaning everyone can fish it- I wasted no time in booking a session. I have caught fish to over 70lb abroad, but I rank banking this beauty as among my proudest captures.”