I’ve owned my Matrix Innovations Rock Solid buzz bars for over eight years. I feel the test period proves the strength and quality in the build. When I first bought them I was not keen on having two separate sized buzz bars, which is how they come off the shelf. After a quick phone call to Matrix, a mere four days later I took delivery of a matching set. Not only was the company more than happy to action my request but it did so in a very short space of time.

Although I try to look after my kit as much as possible, I’m not the kind of angler who goes home and polishes his stainless. It inevitably gets chucked over fences, thrown in the back of my car and tossed around the garage. Short of an angle grinder embarking on a wild grudge match, you will not break them. With 100 per cent British, hand-made, 20mm stainless steel it’s easy to see why they are so hardy. There are a lot of companies selling stainless-steel bankware and it’s testament to Matrix that it is still one of the leading manufacturers.

The only negative I can find is the weight when used in conjunction with the banksticks. They are quite heavy. There are certainly lighter setups available, but how long they would last in my holdall is a different story. I even added a three-rod set to my collection when I began to use a third rod and, as they’ll last a lifetime, I won’t need anything else.

Two-rod fixed buzz bars £31.99
Three-rod fixed buzz bars £39.99
(other options available)

Website: www.matrixinnovations.co.uk