Being a bit of a tackle tart, I take a lot of time making sure that my setup looks good (sad, I know).

This Slinky Stainless grabbed my attention at first sight. It’s made from solid stainless steel, which means that it does have a bit of weight to it, but then it’s incredibly durable and should last a lifetime. The three-rod adjustable bars that I use are slightly wider at the front, so your rods fan out slightly from butt to tip. The sticks are adjustable, but I have found that it’s best to tighten them by placing a coin in the slot in the thumbscrew to get a better grip. Keep your eyes on the thumbscrews when packing your gear away, though, because they will fall out if loosened too much and can get lost.

Jon Bones

Matrix Innovations
Super Slinky Stainless
RRP: From £16.99 to £63.99