47lb monster falls to Seafood Take-Away.

Ian Merriott has landed a 47lb-plus mirror from popular UK venue, Rockford Lake. Ian caught the giant, known as ‘Single Scale’ on a Solar Seafood Take-Away boilie and a Dairy Cream pop-up.

Ian explained: “On arriving at Rockford Lake at 4.30pm and doing a circuit, the fish were again showing at range out in open water, where they have been for the past three weeks. I picked a swim that gave me good access to the middle with the gentle southwesterly blowing over my left shoulder. After a few casts it became evident that there was a small band of weed at 140 yards in a constant, eight feet of water.

“The fish where showing predominantly just past this weed. I marked out all three rods, and the Spomb rod, at 160 yards and then positioned all three hook baits at this range, with 10 yards between each rod. I put out 40 Spombfuls of Solar’s Seafood Take-Away chops and a few whole baits, all soaked in Solar’s Marine 17 liquid to give the Spomb weight.

“The night passed uneventfully until 3.30am when I began to get liners. At 5.15am the left-hand rod was away. The lead clip did its job and dumped the lead and the fish was on the top for the entire fight, as I led it straight into the net from 160 yards out. The fish was landed on an 14mm Solar Dairy Cream pop-up on a hinged stiff rig comprising a Solar Stronghold 101 size 6 hook, Solar lead clip and a 2ft length of Solar’s Contour Unleaded leader.

“I recognised the fish straightaway as Single Scale, which was caught earlier this year in excess of 50lb. It weighed 47lb 10oz this time – down in weight after spawning. The weight was immaterial, though, as this fish is undoubtedly the king of the lake. I was soon homeward bound at 11am and preparing for work… until next Monday night’s session.”