Nash released The Key boilies in 2015. With excellent results all over the UK using the freezer variety, anglers in the UK and Europe cried out for the bait in shelf life.

The original freezer version was hailed for it nutritional qualities and attractors and Nash has managed to stabilise these active ingredients to deliver a shelf-life bait with the same attributes.

The main hurdle was to ensure that the bait’s unique active ingredients weren’t affected by stabilising the bait. With the consultation of Dr Keith Sykes, Nash has managed to do just that and has made a bait that really pushes the boundaries of what a shelf-life can be.

Keith was keen for The Key to maintain certain characteristics on its conversion to a shelf-life bait to provide a food-source boilie that is stable but works for the angler the moment it is introduced into the lake. With his success on both the freezer and shelf-life baits, Keith sees no discernable difference in his catch results, showing that the bait really hasn’t been affected.

Having been stabilised it now breaks the shackles of a freezer bait, allowing you to store it much easier. It also means that you can keep a bag in your car in the event of an impromptu session without having to worry about it going off before you get the chance to use it. With sizes ranging from 10mm to 20mm there are baits for any situation. There is also the superb The Key Flake, which saves the hassle of spending time crushing your baits. With matching pop-ups and liquids there is a full range of products for every eventuality.

THE VERDICT A turning point in the shelf-life versus freezer bait debate.

Price: 1kg £14.99; 5kg £59.99

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