The key point to this bivvy has to be durability. It’s built like a bomb shelter and will last for season after season, no matter what you throw at it. It’s as solid as a rock once erected. 

I’ve seen pictures of sizeable trees that have come crashing down on the original Titan, on which this is based, and while it has broken the bivvy, it’s withstood the impact enough to save the guy sitting inside it! You can feel the density and quality of the material as soon as you take it out of the bag, and likewise with the groundsheet.

You get a number of options regarding frontage; there’s a full infill panel, on which the side can be rolled back to expose clear windows, and a mozzie-mesh infill panel. These can be used individually, together, or removed completely to leave the bivvy open fronted. Inside there’s plenty of room for you and all of your gear, and the shape of the Titan is such that there’s a generous amount of headroom where needed. The shape of the front does lead to rain coming in through the door, though. It only encroaches a little way, however, and there’s enough room to tuck yourself, and bed, out of the way. Alternatively, you could just shut the door.

This all comes at a price and the Titan with all the trimmings is fairly heavy and bulky. That said, if you use a barrow for the majority of your fishing, or have the luxury of parking close to your swim, then this is less of a consideration. What you do get is an outstanding bivvy that adds a little comfort to life on the bank and an incredible level of protection from Mother Nature.

Jon Bones

Price: One-man £439.99; two-man £519.99