The new generation of one of the toughest and most versatile brolly systems ever made.

The Titan brolly was first released in 2010 and was met with huge praise and plenty of sales. This year, though, has seen the release of the original’s successor in this Titan Brolly AS. The key difference is that the new shelter has been updated for year-round use, hence the AS, which stands for All Season, with the addition of a removable front. In fact, there are two removable fronts, one is waterproof and made from the same material as the bivvy, and the second is a full mozzie-mesh version.

What this gives you, therefore, is the option of a ‘traditional’ open-fronted brolly, a full-protection shelter with the waterproof front in place or a summer home with the mozzie-mesh front to protect you from nasty creepy-crawlies. Furthermore, with the addition of the Titan Brolly overwrap and the supplied, removable groundsheet, this shelter can truly be tailored to year-round use.

The footprint of the AS is slightly smaller than its predecessor, helping you to squeeze it into tight swims. This size reduction has the added bonus of increasing the shelter’s strength. Given that this brolly was almost indestructible to start with, it’s now absolutely bombproof. Once set up, you can actually stand on top of the AS without it breaking or collapsing – although do this at your own risk!

Another improvement comes with the addition of two sets of swan necks; the angled pieces on the ends of the storm poles. This gives you the option of setting the storm poles at two angles, again allowing you to tailor the bivvy to you, the conditions and/or the swim.

At a glance:
The next generation of Titan Brolly
Supplied with two removable infill panels; one waterproof and one mozzie mesh
Stable and strong enough to stand on once erect
An overwrap is available separately
Versatile and can be tailored to use in any conditions
Has a slightly smaller footprint than the original Titan Brolly
A total weight of 10kg, including pegs, storm poles and all of the other ‘extras’

WHAT’S THE COST? £399.99