“it fizzes in water, drawing fish from throughout the water column.”

NASHBAIT’s exciting new Citruz range has grabbed our attention and will certainly grab the fishes too!
The success of the original Citruz pop-ups led Nashbait to release a special edition Citruz bait range covering a range of key products.

The Citruz really comes into its own during the extreme cold weather when you’re struggling for a bite, providing a highly attractive bait package both visually and with regard to flavour. The range includes some really interesting products. Firstly, the bottom baits themselves clearly stand out against most currently on the market, being a mix of shades of pink. The Citruz Cultured products are particularly intriguing. The hook baits have a special paste-like skin, created by repeatedly layering the Citruz powdered additives around a balanced core boilie.

The fizzing stick mix is formed from this same Cultured powder, which fizzes in water drawing fish from throughout the water column.
The Verdict A really interesting new range that could help buy a bite in the worst of conditions.

The Numbers Boilies from £12.99 per kg


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