Major investment for tackle firm!

Innovative tackle firm Pallatrax, the name behind Stonze weights, is planning major expansion now it has a successful multi-platform media firm as its new owner.

Pallatrax’s range of boilies, baits and terminal tackle are set for a massive boost thanks to the deal with O’Neill Modern Media (OMM), which became a major shareholder at the end of January.

OMM’s studio was the first in the UK to fully embrace digital photography; it invented 360-degree product photography – now used by one of its biggest clients, sports giant Nike.

It also pioneered and helped install roller advertising hoardings and then digital LED advertising hoardings at football grounds, including Old Trafford.

Charismatic entrepreneur Mike O’Neill, who heads up the firm, said: “As a lifelong angler I was aware of Pallatrax, especially its Stonze weights and its fresh baits, and, by chance, I met Pallatrax founder Simon Pomeroy.

“Though my original intentions didn’t involve buying the major stake in the company, I quickly saw that there was a serious business opportunity for us. I’ve never been afraid of taking risks. If I see an opportunity that I like the look of and see that it fits in with the ethos of my company, then I go for it.”

“We have a large portfolio of resources – and the associated highly skilled personnel – to hand that our competitors simply do not have access to. This alone will have massive advantages for us as we drive the business forward.

“With my team at OMM, Simon’s contacts and knowledge within the fishing industry and the capital we are prepared to put behind Pallatrax, I can promise you that there is some exciting, and profitable, times ahead.”

Group managing director and long-time business partner Howard Campion added: “Simon has a great business in Pallatrax, with an extensive range of truly excellent baits and tackle for a vast array of species and tactics. All that was missing was the means to take it further and put it where it belongs.”

Simon, who will maintain full control of the company and will continue as its managing director, told Tackle & Guns: “This is an amazing opportunity for us to grow Pallatrax into a major brand, both at home and abroad. Events like this are life changing and, rest assured, we are going to grab it with both hands!”

Howard concluded: “We have already moved Pallatrax to a new facility and our immediate investments have included automated systems that allow us to manufacturer both bait and the Stonze products in a much faster, less labour-intensive way, thereby increasing output.”

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