Chinese Take-Away fools record lump!

Pictured is the new lake record for the Yateley Match Lake, part of the iconic Yateley complex in Hampshire. The impressive 41lb 8oz mirror was landed on a Solar Baits Chinese Take-Away boilie by Justin Fennell. Remarkably, Justin caught the fish on his first-ever trip to the lake, after just three hours at the venue!

He explained: “I had everything set up by around 8.45pm, having arrived a little earlier that evening. After leading around close to the island to the left of the swim, I found a couple of clear spots where I was confident that I could present a bait and dropped my rods on them. Around 1kg of 18mm Chinese Take-Away Boilies were scattered around the area, and then at 11.30pm the right-hand rod absolutely ripped off. After a great fight I slipped the net under a big mirror, which we believe is known as Kiss Scale.

“Being the biggest carp the Match Lake has ever produced, and my first fish from the water on my very first session there, I was made up with the capture!”