Yorkshire lad, Dan Highley gets amongst the Millford Pool beauties.

At the start of the 2013 season Dan was fortunate enough to get a ticket for Millford Pool a stunning, mature, well-kept venue. 
He started his campaign on Millfield around May and I was soon catching on a regular basis. 

Dan caught often but they were all stockies, with the best being a 19lb 12oz mirror. 
He was fishing every week, just quick overnighters. which was keeping him in touch with the lake and he was  applying bait regularly and thanks to the consistent approach,he started to catch more, and he felt that he wasn’t far off getting things right.
 He had seen some pictures of the stock and a certain fish caught his eye straight away; one of the zip linears. Luckily in October he caught the fish at 22lb and was chuffed to bits. The fish weighed 22lb but he said the weight was irrelevant.

This is a stunning looking carp and proves if you make some effort the rewards are there.