Design Thoughts

These thermals will be well suited, but not limited, to the well chiselled among us with their figure-hugging ‘athletic’ fit. The stretchy, micro-fleece-backed fabric makes these base layers immediately feel snug and comfortable, and the flexibility means you are completely unrestricted when performing angling activities. Pentagon also claims that the material has anti-bacterial properties, so they shouldn’t smell too bad after a few days of being on the bank!

To test the insulative properties of each garment, we measured the cooling rate of a bladder of warm water placed inside the base layer’s top. We filled plastic bags with 500 millimetres of water at 50ºC and used aquarium thermometers to take in-situ temperature measurements of the water in 15-minute intervals, over a two-hour period. The wicking test was performed by dripping a 0.5ml bubble of water onto the material’s surface. We then measured the time taken for the water bubble to be absorbed, become damp and then completely dry.

Test Results With regard to both insulation and wicking these thermals were reasonable, with performance in both tests sitting pretty much slap bang in the middle. You would certainly appreciate them over regular cotton clothing. In fact, most people would benefit from a set of these for general cold weather use.

PROS Incredibly comfortable, with a reasonable combination of warmth and wicking properties.

CONS A bit of a jack of all trades, master of none.

Price: £45.90

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