Check out the superb range of headtorches from Petzl – Lighting that will never let you down.


Petzl has been regarded as being at the top of the tree in headtorches for years. It has a stellar range on offer, with a model that suits every budget. With 30 years’ experience in the industry, Petzl continues to push the boundaries of headtorches.
The range of lamps is brilliant for the angler who wants reliable lighting at a moment’s notice. We have chosen three out of the extensive range, each with a different price point.
With easy to adjust strapping on all models for maximum comfort, each torch is water resistant, weighing just under 3oz. The well affordable Tikkina features one standard white light, and both close-up lighting for tying rigs and longer distance surround lighting are available with one simple click of the button.
Next in the range is the Tikka. With a 100-lumen rating set to both cater for proximity rating with lighting up to 55 metres it is the next step up in price, offering you greater lighting capability than the Tikkina. With an 80-lumen rating it will comfortably light up to 35 metres distance on its most powerful setting.
Finally the Tactikka+ represents the higher end in headtorches. At £45 it is more expensive, but it offers more in the way of features that are really useful in the hours of darkness.
Battery life on the standard setting is around 100 hours of constant use, and will easily cater for several sessions. Batteries are the simple AAA variety that are easily available in all supermarkets for convenience.  With a lumen rating of 160 when the special boost rating is initialised, the Tactikka+ features several lighting options, from red light for discreet proximity lighting to a high beam setting for lighting a large area around yourself.




The numbers

Price: Tikkina: £20; Tikka: £35; Tactikka+: £45