Get your self-takes on point this year with the superb bankstick adaptor kit from RIDGEMONKEY.

With a huge amount of anglers taking pride in their self-take photography for night shots they need a light source to get the best result possible. The RidgeMonkey lights are perfect for this, but it’s no good putting the light on the floor. Enter the duo adaptor. With a bankstick thread and simple attachment it allows the bivvy light to be adjusted to the angle you want. With many anglers using GoPro-style cameras to record video, the guys at RidgeMonkey have an adaptor for that too. Again it fits to a bankstick, allowing you to pivot it at several angles to get the best shots. Also available is a neat adaptor that allows you to connect the GoPro or bivvy light to the ribs in your bivvy, offering you the best light coverage in front of your shelter when you get a bite.

THE VERDICT Hugely versatile, lightweight and useful. Well worth a look for the aspiring photographer.


Price: From £7.99

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