Karl says: A throwing stick can be used to great effect when fishing for big carp. Whether you are trying to create a tight bed of bait, or a wider spread of boilies to keep the carp grazing, a boilie stick will cater for both objectives – it might just mean a little practice to get your accuracy spot-on.

I’ve used several throwing sticks and a few of the carbon models that are now widely available. The benefits of a carbon throwing stick become very clear after the first 20 or 30 baits. The reduced weight makes it easier and prolongs the time and quantity of bait you can get through without becoming tired and inaccurate.

This carbon stick from RidgeMonkey differs from the rest in its shape. The cross section of the baiting tool is teardrop shaped, making it much more comfortable in use, and eradicates any loss of grip, causing the stick to twist

The 3K carbon weave is incredibly strong and despite being thrown around with my gear it’s just as perfect as the day I was asked to test it. It also comes with a handy carry case, not that I felt the need to use it, and the internal space created by the ‘V’ shape allows the internal air resistance to disperse more easily.

The stick also has a loading hole near the handle, speeding up the baiting process, which is a massive plus once you’re used

“A strong, light and practical throwing stick, with a loading hole.”


Price: £59.99

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