Rod Box

ACF checks out the ‘only’ way to safely transport and securely store your prized rods and reels both at home and on the bank.

The name given to this product leaves nothing to the imagination, it is a box designed for transporting and storing your rods. Take a close look, though, and there is far more to this seemingly simple idea than first meets the eye.

The Rod Box’s primary function is transportation. On being securely fixed to the roof bars or rack of any car, the Rod Box provides a safe way to transport your rods, giving you more room inside the car itself. It also enables easy transportation of two lots of kit, should you go fishing with a mate, and gives extra space for those trips abroad. It has been designed in the UK by anglers and will accommodate two rod holdalls carrying 12ft and 13ft rods. Alternatively, you can install the removable rod holders, which allow up to six made-up rods to be securely stored in the Rod Box, while leaving enough room underneath for shelters, landing nets, banksticks and so on.

The second function of the Rod Box is security, and this is where the product really stands out. It’s been designed and built to be exceptionally difficult to break in to, a feature that’s been tested during development with sledgehammers, hacksaws, drills and other implements. While on the bank, this provides the safest possible place to store spare tackle and rods without leaving it on show in the back of your car or propped up against your bivvy. At home, there are specially designed wall-mount brackets that can be secured to your garage wall to which the Rod Box can be locked, thus providing safe and secure storage for your most expensive tackle items while not in use.

Built in the UK, the quality of manufacture and the materials used are second to none. Sure, a Rod Box is more expensive than many of the commercially available roof boxes, but it can comfortably perform the same task as they do, should you remove the inner rod supports and want to use it purely as a roof box. On top of that, it has the added bonuses of being designed specifically for fishing tackle, can be used for secure storage both at home and on the bank and is made from tougher, higher-grade materials. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is rarely as pertinent as it is here.

At A Glance
• Designed for the safe transportation of made-up rods and rod holdalls
• Provides secure storage for spare rods and gear while on the bank
• Can be locked to specially designed wall brackets to provide lockable storage for expensive tackle at home
• Can be fitted to the roof bars/rack of any car/van
• Order online at


£399; £419 with wall brackets