Test Bed We all know that the key to keeping your feet warm when it comes to boots is combining them with the right socks. As long as your boots are of a decent standard you should be okay – that’s if you’re not sticking them out of the bivvy to get snowed on in minus 6ºC conditions, obviously. The critical feature of good winter boots then is that they can keep out moisture – a leaking boot will give you cold toes quicker than you can say trench foot. What we concentrated on for this feature then was each pair of boots’ ability to keep out water. The consistencies To check out the capabilities of the boots, our editor donned one of each and immersed his foot in a tank of water. Each boot was kept there for a full 10 minutes to give them a proper run through, with the inside of the boot and the editor’s sock checked post dunk for any signs of leakage.

We’ve thrown an odd ball in here, but with good reason. The Skee-Tex boots have been around for years and garnered a reputation as ‘the’ Wellington-style boots for fishing if you want to keep your feet warm. They offer all the waterproof advantages of a welly with a completely sealed rubber construction, but with added extras. The soles have a very chunky construction that offers loads of grip right from the front to all around the heel. Although wellies are waterproof, they are not know for keeping your feet warm – but the Skee-Tex ones are different. Thanks to the technology in these boots they can regulate the temperature inside them right down to minus 50ºC. These have even been worn during Arctic expeditions, with world famous adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes saying: “These are the only waterproof boots I have worn in 18 years of expedition work that have kept my feet warm to minus 50ºC.” Praise indeed. The boots come with an internal thermal liner that can be taken out to be washed. These can also be bought separately if you want to fit a new pair in there.

Pros 100 per cent waterproof and extremely warm. Cons They’re not the nicest looking things to put on your feet. Test Result As you’d expect from a welly, there was no leakage of any kind.

Weight: 1,380g each

Price: £59.95