ACF Designer Karl Jenkinson says: Skee-Tex boots are renowned for being great quality and suitable for purpose.

The Field Boot will set you back just under £75, and if you fish through the winter, and put value on having dry, warm feet, then these are fantastic boots for doing so.

On test, it was instantly notable just how warm these boots are. A fully waterproof lower clog, suede laced upper section, and removable lining makes for very comfortable, supportive boots. For any of you patriots, the lining is made from English wool and wicking fibres keep the feet dry and free from perspiration. If you were to slice the boots open you would find aluminium sandwiched between the layers, put there specifically to reflect heat, and probably the reason I would now recommend these boots to anyone fishing through the harshest winters.

Keeping my feet warm and dry is one of the single most important things when fishing through winter. These boots are a little bit heavier than what I use in the warmer months and although they are slightly more restrictive in their movement due to being a high boot, it’s a sacrifice that I would make every single time.

As winter boots they do not compare to any walking-style boots, trainers or shoes for cold conditions. The taller boots do have their drawbacks if you’re rushing toget into them when a bite occurs, but they are far outweighed by the warmth, comfort and stability provided.

Put simply, wearing the Field Boot means that cold and wet feet are one less thing I have to worry about.

Price: £74.95