I have been fishing my syndicate recently and it offered both short and longer-range fishing, which meant I was able to really put the S6 rods through the normal fishing situations that the readers would encounter.

Firstly, a cast of 85 yards along an island margin was called for. Accuracy with a 4oz lead was needed and I managed to get three rods fishing in a tight area easily with little in the way of drama. The tip recovery is impressive, as is the casting in general, and I was able to fish effectively here.

Next up I found fish within three feet of the bank. This is often where the heavier-duty rods fall short, but after getting a bite and playing a fish all my worries were gone and the rod soaked up every lunge admirably, impressive for a 3.25lb rod at such close range. Once beaten, I managed to scoop the fish up into the XTI net. Available in a single-piece 6ft handle or an extendable three-piece handle, it comes free when you buy three S6 rods. The three-piece handle allows you to use the net from a short 3ft length to the 9ft length, which is ideal for zig fishing.

One thing that struck me with was how thin the handle was yet how strong it appeared to be, not bending despite me rushing to get a fish in the net in snaggy conditions. Be sure to check out page ?? to win this whole setup because I am sure that you won’t be disappointed. I certainly wasn’t.

Price: S6 rods £199.99 ;Net £ 139.99 or free with three S6 rods.


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