Featuring the 20,000 hydrostatic head Armatek fabric that offers both durability and great performance, the XTI 1 Man is the ideal bivvy for anglers who want all the comforts while on the bank.

Built on a three-rib construction, integrating a fourth pole for a peak, the space created is ideal for anglers who want to take plenty of gear. The headroom is created by the slightly pointed apex, which also improves drainage of water during a downpour.

Each rib is made from sturdy aluminium for increased stability in heavy winds, with reinforced pegging points throughout to further stabilise the bivvy. This is further bolstered by the tension bars that are simply fitted down the spine of the bivvy to push each rib and improve tension in the whole structure.

With a multiple door option available, from mosquito front to clear PVC windows, you can really customise the bivvy to your preference, with the option to remove the whole front if you so wish. The whole package with pegs and a heavy-duty groundsheet fits in a neat oversized bag for quick and easy packaway.

There is also the option of a winter skin, which adds considerable room in the bivvy, allowing you to fit in two small bedchairs. The full package weighs just over 14kg, which may seem a lot at first. However, as you use the bivvy, you will strip out the bits you don’t need and customise it to your preference. If you are after a bivvy that does it all, then check out the XTI 1 Man.

THE VERDICT Great material, ideal for the session angler.


Price: £449.99

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