We take a look at the Sonik XTI bedchair and lounger, where comfort meets lightweight and functional. “comfort without feeling weighed down.”

Available in three main sizes, Compact, Standard and Wide, the XTI bedchair combines comfort with functionality. They’re super-lightweight thanks to their anodised aluminium frame. Comfort isn’t sacrificed either with the foam mattress that offers great lumbar support and a joyous night’s sleep.

The bedchair is simply folded away and the retaining strap applied to secure it during transportation.

Another great product from the XTI range is the lounger chair. Made with comfort in mind with its extensive padding, cam-lock leg adjustments and padded arms, it’s a truly luxury fishing chair. Added to this, it’s reclinable back allows you to alter the whole thing to your liking. Both are finished in the same green coloration that adorns the whole XTI range. These great products. If you want comfort on the bank without feeling weighed down, check these out.

The elastic straps morph to your bodily requirements, giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Adjustable mudfeet allow you to get the bedchair level on even the most severe of slopes.

With great lumbar support and padded armrests the lounger chair is ideal for the short-session angler.


Bedchair: Compact £169.99; Standard £189.99; Wide £209.99

Lounger: £139.99


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