An easy-strip, lake-bed-matched coating covers a high-quality Dyneema to create the Finskin hook link.

here are three breaking strains, from the subtler 15lb that is thin in profile and great for smaller hook presentations to the 35lb that is ideal for anglers who want reliability in the most demanding of situations, such as snaggy or weedy lakes. There are also two rigidities of coating. The Soft is great for anglers who want the rig to act as naturally as possible when on the lake bed, which can be the key to catching more wary fish.

The Semi-Stiff is great if you want an anti-tangle setup that can be cast without any tangling issues. It is particularly good with a slow-sinking bait, allowing it to settle nicely on the lake bed. It makes a great boom section for the hinged stiff rig, giving the rig more movement thanks to it suppleness compared to fluorocarbon.

Price: £11