I was lucky enough to get my hands on this bait during the testing phase.

It was known as the nut bait at the time. What first struck me was the smell of the bait – the creamy aroma of the vanilla along with the sweet taste of the protein made for an awesome combination. It scored well with my girlfriend too, who was much happier having her house smell of vanilla than fishy baits.

With the damage control at home done it was time to get out on the bank and see what it was like. Within a first couple of sessions on the bait I had helped myself to a couple of twenties, and was feeling confident in the bait. Since then I have fished with it for most of the spring, with good results despite my limited time frame, and it’s safe to say that Sticky has something special in the Manilla.

As with other boilies in the Sticky range there are additional products to complement the boilies. My particular favourite is the cloudy Manilla liquid that tastes amazing and makes a great boilie soak for infusing your baits before feeding; with matching pop-ups and wafters too there is something for every rig presentation that I need. Its release on June 16th was nothing short of huge, and you can see why. I look forward to fishing with the Manilla in the future.

Price: £11.99


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