I am always keen to try different rig bits in a bid to see what I think can benefit my fishing.

I was given a sample of the Tungsten putty from Taska a few months ago to have a go with. I must say I am impressed. There is a balancing act when making a putty. Too much tungsten and the putty is too hard and therefore difficult to work with. Too much wax and the material is super-sticky and easy to mould, but it takes too much to balance a pop-up. This one is just right. Easy enough to mould but heavy enough to ensure you aren’t using loads per rig. I have been using it to pin my line down recently when fishing with fluorocarbon and it really helps pin the rigs to the floor. It’s easy to mould too, so you can use tiny amounts to create your own little sinkers. It’s also sturdy on the line and I have played fish through the weed with the putty staying in position – pretty good right? There are two colours in the pot and you get a decent amount for your money. It’s well worth checking out.

Price: £4.99