Bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the carp market, this all-new brand has something that’s right up your street.

No matter what level your carp fishing is at, where you fish, or your preferred style of angling, you simply have to sit up and take notice. With 180 products set to hit the shelves of tackle shops countrywide in mid to late April, Taska has something that will take your fancy.

Designing and developing products specifically for carp anglers, with significant input from its team of highly experienced big-carp anglers, Taska pledges to bring fresh ideas and innovative products to the masses. Having seen some of the final product samples, ideas and future plans, this brand is set to do exactly that.

Initially launching a range of end tackle and accessories, the collection will be progressively expanded, eventually offering everything from hooks to bite alarms. A comprehensive range of stainless-steel bankware – 27 items in all – is set for release during the initial launch period too, which, sticking to Taska’s promise, is designed to offer something a little different from what’s already out there.

Further testament to pushing the boundaries is a range of injection-moulded tungsten products that go under the name Base Line. As the first company to do this, these unique items will add another dimension to rig construction.
As a modern company, information and education will play a major part in the Taska brand. CAD-designed drawings and videos, instructional and technical information, product details and much more will be uploaded regularly to the website, once launched in full. The product packaging even carries a QR code that will redirect your smartphone, iPad or similar to the website, where you will find all the product information and advice for that particular item.

Twitter and Facebook will also play a big role in keeping anglers informed and updated as to product news and new releases. With so much going on in the coming months, the Taska Facebook page,, is the place to keep your finger on the pulse. Better still, there’s a competition currently running on the page where you could win £175 worth of tackle.

At a glance:
Designing and developing tackle specifically for carp anglers.
Pledging to bring fresh ideas and innovative products to the market.
Initially launching a range of terminal tackle and accessories.
The range will be progressively expanded to offer everything from hooks to bite alarms.
The first company to injection mould tungsten to create a unique range of heavyweight terminal tackle.
Products will be hitting tackle shops countrywide by mid to late April.