With a combination of the latest carbon technology and a price that won’t break the bank, do TF GEAR’S N-TEC CARP RODS offer the perfect wand for the angler on a budget?

Acarp rod designed and developed in conjunction with Dave Lane, arguably the best carp angler of his generation, would, you’d expect, cost an arm and a leg. It would be at the pinnacle of modern design and, as such, carry a Ferrari-esque price tag.

Well, you’d be partly right for thinking this, but you’d still be only part way to the real story. The truth is, this is an exceptional carp rod, built using the latest nanotechnology to produce a blank that will cope with all sorts of work, from medium-range fishing through to long- range chucking.

The ringing is configured to aid casting too, with even the 2.75lb version more than capable of casting a 3oz lead over the 130yd mark. The 3.5lb model is only restricted by the angler’s casting ability, such is the construction quality.

Full Fuji K guides and a DPS reel seat from the same leading Japanese company adorn the blank itself, and a slim Japanese shrink wrap completes the fittings. All of these and the finish are suitably in keeping with the modern trend for understated graphics and a slick feel and look.

There are four test curves in the N-Tec rod range, namely 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb, all of which are 12ft, while TF Gear has also produced dedicated spod and marker rods for the angler who insists on matching up. Let’s face it, that’s most of us!

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the N-Tec is that all of this design and development has been done without ever losing sight of the fact that most of us cannot afford to pay top-end prices, but without us same anglers having to compromise entirely on quality.

Not only does the N-Tec sell at around the £150 mark, but when buying two rods you get a third absolutely free of charge. You can’t say much fairer than that!

Impressive blank with top-quality fittings, but at a price we can all afford.

Price: £149.95
Website: www.totalfishinggear.co.uk