Specimen ace, Terry Lampard dead.

Terry Lampard, the man hailed as one of the country’s finest specimen anglers, has passed away, after a brief illness. The multiple Drennan Cup winner, and star of “Catching The Impossible” was taken ill just a few days ago, but sadly died overnight.

Friend, and “Catching The Impossible” narrator, Hugh Miles commented: “Terry was an awesome angling talent, a good friend and a lovely man. I used to share a stretch of the Dorset Stour with him, and was always impressed with not only his angling ability, but also his generous nature. While filming the series, he was able to catch a 3lb roach to order, and also a 7lb chub –which shows just how well he understood fish, and their feeding habits”

Passion For Angling star, Bob James added: “Terry was an exceptionally talented angler. I can remember numerous occasions when I turned up at a water – thinking that I had found out about the venues specimen potential before everyone else – only to find that Terry had been fishing there for weeks! He was a great angler, a lovely man, and will be missed by everyone who knew him.”