STICKY Manilla White Ones and Yellow Ones

These alternative hook baits are great for fishing over loose-fed Manilla boilies but also work really well as singles. Their bright colour and boosted attractor package means that carp will quickly home in on your hook bait, leading to quicker takes. They are available as 12mm and 16mm pop-ups, which provide reliable buoyancy, and are also available as wafters, which can help fool wary carp.



CC MOORE Hot Chorizo Extract

hot chorizo extract acf bait

This thick and pungent liquid has a spicy, smoky chorizo sausage aroma. It’s packed full of attractive salts and spices, as well as essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. The liquid is PVA-friendly and the combination of oils and soluble liquids improves dispersal once in the water. This liquid triggers an intense feeding response in many species, including carp, barbel and chub.



BAIT-TECH Triple-N Pop-Ups

baittech popups acf bait

These highly buoyant pop-ups are part of the brand-new Triple-N boilie range, a year-round bait with an incredible nutty aroma. If you love nutty baits, which carp surely do, then you’ll love these for sure! The bait is based on a three-nut base mix, alongside liquid cream attractors, which provide continuous leakage of attraction. The pop-ups have a rubbery consistency so are easily punctured with a baiting needle.



AQUA BAIT COMPANY Savoury Seed Boilies

aquabait prelim acf bait

The Savoury Seed is an all-season mix that is quite different from most other baits currently on the market. It contains a host of human-grade ingredients, ensuring the highest quality. If fishmeals and nut mixes have been done to death on your water, this bait could be a real edge, delivering a food package that the carp have not been caught on before. It’s attractive, highly digestible and has an overall well-balanced nutrient profile, meaning they will keep coming back for more. 

£6.75 to £7.75 per kilo 


SONUBAITS 247 Boilies

247 boilies acf baits

Sonubaits has developed the 247 boilies to deliver the benefits of freezer baits without the need to actually freeze them! The bait is built on a blend of bird foods, milk proteins and nut meals and utilises ingredients such as salts, sugars and oils to naturally preserve the bait, maintaining its freshness. You also get a free pot of mixed colour pop-ups in each 1.75kg bag!



DYNAMITE Complex-T Hook Bait Dip

dynamite glug acf bait

This viscous liquid contains all of the liquid attractants and stimulants that are used in the boilies. It’s perfect for dipping you hook baits into a few minutes before casting out to give them that extra boost, helping the fish home in on your rig. Its thick, sticky nature means it will cling onto your bait, slowly oozing off as time passes by. It’s also PVA-friendly so can be used on your PVA bags or sticks.