The all-new shelter designed to be the perfect quick-erect, lightweight, bankside home.

The Tempest Air is Trakker’s newest shelter. So new in fact, that the one pictured is only the second finished sample in existence. By the time you read this, though, it will have been put into full-scale production.

The concept of this shelter is to offer the perfect alternative to a brolly system without compromising on space or cover. For those who are familiar with Trakker’s original Tempest bivvy, this is a slightly smaller, open-fronted and lightweight version. For those who aren’t familiar with it, the unique and revolutionary block system enables this bivvy to be erected and collapsed in seconds, and once up it’s one of the sturdiest open-fronted shelters around. What’s more, the angle of the sides once set up ensures that there is plenty of internal space without the Tempest Air having a huge footprint, creating a paradox of small but spacious.

Weighing 6kg, without pegs or groundsheet, and packing down into a long, thin shape of 101 x 20 x 20 centimetres, this is ideal for fitting into a quiver system.

These attributes will also see the Tempest Air find favour with anglers who prefer to stay mobile and/or fish short overnight sessions. It’s an open-fronted shelter, supplied with a mid-weight groundsheet, again to save weight, which can be quickly installed or removed as needed.

As with all top-end Trakker shelters, this one is made from Aquatexx material, a tough, waterproof and breathable fabric that’s one of the best bivvy materials on the market. Head to your local Trakker stockist and check one out for yourself.

• An updated, lightweight version of the popular Tempest bivvy
• Strong, easy-to-use block that aids an ultra-quick erection time
• Weighs 6kg, without groundsheet or pegs
• Fits into a quiver system
• Made from Aquatexx material