ACF takes a look at the ultra-stylish, top-quality and affordable range of weigh and retention slings that are part of a new range from Trakker.

It is vital that carp safety is carried out to its maximum potential. This is something that leading carp-equipment manufacturer Trakker Products has recognised and revamped its already impressive range of carp-care gear.

There are three new slings added to the range and, at a glance, they look similar. However, on closer inspection there are some noticeable changes. As you would expect from Trakker, the quality of the materials used is nothing short of exceptional. A fish-friendly, Poly Mesh has been used on all of the weigh slings to allow comfort for the fish and eliminate the chance of a scale being lifted.

The cheapest in the range is the Half-Moon sling and is shaped as the name suggests. This has been carefully designed to ensure that large carp remain protected during the weighing process. The double reinforced handles have neat little steel weighing loops to support the sling when lifting it on to the scales.

For the specimen angler who requires a sling that is slightly larger and features the modern design, the Sanctuary Safety Weigh Sling is for you. It features strong, lightweight, aluminium poles, which gives it superb rigidity and can be easily packed away. Again, the highest-quality mesh has been used and the carpy dark green gives it that smart-looking edge.

Last is the awesome Sanctuary Retention Sling. This is used by the likes of Danny Fairbrass, Jerry Hammond, Ali Hamidi and many more and they all consider it an essential part of their kit. Gone are the days of sacks because increasing numbers of anglers use this brilliant idea that is 100 per cent safe for the carp.

The four floats ensure that the sling will always remain on the surface and the double-zip system ensures that your prize will not escape. It is supplied with a 580cm removable retention cord and the mesh system allows superb water flow for the carp when being retained. What’s more, it is supplied in a waterproof Aquatexx carry sleeve.

– The Sanctuary Safety Weigh Sling £34.99
– Sanctuary Half-Moon Weigh Sling £16.99
– Sanctuary Retention Sling £39.99