Who’d have thought that a material used in high-end bicycle production could benefit carp anglers, but this reel, Shimano’s Ultegra Ci4 14000XT-A, proves exactly that.

The 5500 ‘baby big-pit sized’ Ultegra Ci4 XT-A reel was so popular that Shimano has added a bigger brother, the 14000 model, to the range. The key to this product, though, is the weight or, more accurately, lack of it. For a full-sized big-pit reel this weighs just 640g, a reduction in weight of 15 per cent over a standard Ultegra big-pit reel. This is thanks to lightweight internal components and Shimano’s patented Ci4 material that’s used for the reel casing.

This material is a mixture of polyamide and carbon, a flagship technology that has been brought over from the side of the company charged with developing and manufacturing high-performance bicycles. It has similar properties to magnesium, being both lightweight and ultra-tough, but (and here’s the best bit) it’s far cheaper. This cost saving in the initial stage of the reel’s production is passed on to you. The looks and finish have not been rushed or overlooked, with a classy appearance and superb build quality.

On top of the flagship technology and design you’ll find many of the features now synonymous with top-end Shimano reels, including a Baitrunner Spool II,
AR-C, cold-forged spool, excellent line lay, 11 bearings that enable a silky smooth operation and more. What you get as an end user, therefore, is a serious big-pit reel that boasts all the properties and performance you expect, but with a wallet-friendly price tag.

At A Glance
•     Uses Shimano’s patented Ci4 material
•     15 per cent lighter than a ‘standard’ Ultegra reel
•     Baitrunner Spool II
•     Supplied with a spare spool
•     A larger version of the popular Ultegra    Ci45500XT-A reel
•     Cold-forged spool
•     Sleek looks and excellent finish

Shimano Ci4 14000XT-A: £319.99