ACF’s Pete Mckenna reviews an all-important bit of kit for both fishing and on-the-bank photography. Unlike many, these VASS waders will set you off on the right foot…

Waders can be a very useful bit of kit in various situations, from landing fish to dropping rigs in the margins. There can even be times when going fishing without them is pointless.

There are several budget pairs on the market but, realistically, waders are not something that should be scrimped on. Until someone makes a pair that are really cheap and tick all the boxes, you’ll be much better off investing in a quality set that can survive the rigours of regular use. If there was ever a case of “You buy cheap, you buy twice,” it’s definitely with waders, but in this case you’ll probably end up soaking wet and stinking too!

The Vass-Tex 600 Series are exactly how it should be done. At around £50, these definitely belong to the budget category, but their performance, and obvious longevity, demonstrates that they are anything but budget spec.

Most impressively, these fulfil the wader Holy Grail, being extremely durable and surprisingly lightweight.

They are actually the entry-level, cheapest chest waders that Vass produces, but you’d easily be fooled into thinking that they are a top-end product.

They feature sturdy PVC Wellington boots with lovely padded soles. These are fused to the new 600g body, which is made from a blend of durable PVC and polyester to ensure reliability and comfort. It must be said that these must be pretty damn durable if they can survive a few trips on the bank with a clumsy oaf like me. Brambles, clay and mussel beds were no match for these.

These waders also benefit from an internal pocket at the front, which should come in handy. Whether you want to take a spare couple of leads, a camera lens, or even up to 2kg of bait, this pouch will accommodate it and keep it dry.

The brace clips are noticeably smooth and quick to operate, which is always reassuring should you need to get out of them in a hurry. Wider braces are also included to suit all frames and preferences.

Unlike other manufacturers in this price category, Vass also offers the option of tungsten-studded soles, which add extra grip. With or without, these 600 Series waders are probably the best-value PVC versions out there!

The Verdict
A cheaper than normal solution to owning a quality, reliable pair of proper chest waders.

The Numbers
Price: £50 approximately
Phone number: 01908 563804