Karl says: ‘Safety’, ‘reinforced’ and ‘heavy-duty’ are not terms you would usually associate with chest waders, but with the 700 spec model from Vass, they are all key attributes.

The waders themselves are made from a tough, high-quality PVC material with a soft polyester inner for comfort. Cleverly, the knees have been reinforced with a second layer of material, and the seams have, quite impressively, been quad-welded. The outer Vass-Tex material has a small amount of stretch, and this will enable the waders to stay leak free for many years to come, allowing a percentage of ‘give’ at the seams as well as an element of flexibility around your joints.

The hardwearing boot section of the wader has a steel toecap, and steel mid-boot section. Should you stand on anything sharp, or drop anything heavy, you can guarantee your safety. It may sound far-fetched, but how many times have you waded up the margins and trodden on something unexpected protruding the lake bed – who’s to say the next time it won’t be rusting metal or something sharp?

The large tread on the reinforced boot maximizes your grip over most surfaces, and I’m yet to lose traction in them, despite fishing a very ‘challenging’ clay quarry.

An inner pocket, and draw cord at the top, for both safety and comfort, are also installed as standard, and the elasticated braces come with very easy-to-use clips. The whole product smacks of good-quality manufacturing, and they’re becoming ever more popular on the bank with their bright yellow braces – and you’d like to think that stands for something more than fashion.

Quote: “Reliable waders with practical features.”

Price: £76

Web: www.vassrainwear.co.uk