Eyewear manufacturer is World Carp Championship’s head sponsor.

Wiley X, known for producing high-quality eyewear for the great outdoors, has sponsored the World Carp Championship.

The manufacturer also provides protective eyewear to military units and law enforcement personnel all around the world, including the US Navy, US Army and DEA, as well as many European forces.

Ross Honey, the founder of the World Carp Championship, explained: ”I am delighted to say that the support of Wiley X Europe has now been confirmed for this year’s very special 15th anniversary event. The 2013 event at Bolsena is set to be the best ever and, most suitably for the occasion, the top-quality and stylish Wiley X products will be highly coveted prizes to win. There can be no doubt that only the very best events attract top sponsors, and I very much look forward to once again welcoming Wiley X Europe to Bolsena.”

Thomas Wæver, Wiley X’s European outdoor director, states: “As Wiley X Europe was ‘head sponsor’ last year at the World Carp Championship, it was not a difficult call for me to sign yet another sponsor contract this year. This is by far the biggest fishing event in Europe and offers Wiley X a unique branding platform.