Giant Willen Lake carp netted!

Weighing in at 39lb 10oz, the monster shown here adds almost two clear pounds to Milton Keynes Angling Association’s carp record. For captor Sam Willis, banking it Sunday morning came as just reward for ‘sticking out’ a miserable week of bitter winds and frosts on wide-open Willen’s 150 acres.

While so many other carpers were waiting for warmer weather to start their campaigns, he and photographer Jason Partlow fished four unproductive days before the monster put in an appearance. 

Jason explained: “Sam kept moving swims as the wind changed direction and ended up in the one where he had started. The biggie apart, the last two days of the session saw Sam also net a 24lb 2oz fish, a 10lb fish and an 8lb fish.”

A ‘known’ fish, the 39-10 is thought to have put on, despite the harsh winter, some two pounds since last summer. And as a number of other known fish were larger than it back then, the odds on a Willen forty some time soon are probably better than ever before!