51lb 10oz carp is new venue best.

Wingham Carp Lake in Kent has produced its first 50lb carp. A mirror carp that came out last year at 49lb 12oz has now reached 51lb 10oz, and was caught by Matt Jones who’s upped his own record. 

Forty-year-old company director Matt, from Croydon, was using Terry Dempsey’s Nutcracker boilie for the first time, and had already landed a 34lb 8oz common on the same bait earlier in the session.

The carp came just after 7am at 95 yards where Matt had fed 20 free offerings. A size 6 hook to 15lb line on a naked chod was the successful rig.

Matt explained: “This fish is almost following me around, as this is the fourth time I’ve had it and I’ve only just started my third season here! It gave me a terrific scrap, and when I got it into the margins and saw it was the big one I was worried about landing it, especially as it powered off again.

“It would be great to do the 50lb double from Wingham as the Carp Lake also contains a fast-growing common that had already got to 47lb 8oz last year.”

Wingham creator Steve Burke commented: “I’ve just lost a bet that the Main Lake would do a 50-pounder before the Carp Lake, but I’m happy to have to pay out! This fish was born at Wingham and has put on over 11lb in just over three years. Who knows what it’ll weigh in another three?”

More details are on the website here