Bank time has been hard to come by over the last month or so for one reason or another. I have however managed the odd few hours on a local pond every now and again just to keep the bug at bay!

I arrived at me winter water for a 48-hour session just before first light early Friday morning to beat the local day anglers. I walked into the corner peg which is situated in the car park and straight away saw a fish head and shoulder, needless to say, it didn’t take me long to get set up. With not been at the lake for a while I’d lost touch with where the fish were and what there likely feeding times would be and it wasn’t long before I realised I’d made a hasty decision.


I’d just sat back and put the kettle on after getting the rods out to where I saw the fish roll when I noticed a group of fish showing themselves regularly two and three pegs down from me. Immediately I decided to wind the rods in and take a bucket down to observe what was happening and reserve the swim whilst I got everything sorted to move. In the end, I decided to only move one peg down from me and cast one rod onto the showing fish and this was my thought process. Two other anglers were casting at the shoal from the opposite bank and I knew with too much pressure and if someone managed to knick a fish the chances are they would move. By setting up just off them not only would I have a chance with one rod but I could target the central area of the lake should they drift out of the area. 

My rigs were simple and all three were set up with multi rigs constructed from 20lb Kamo braid and size 6 kurv shanks. Not only does this rig allow me to change my hook quickly and efficiently but very rarely tangles so it’s perfect for throwing a single hookbait onto showing fish. For hookbaits, I decided to use 15mm Diamond White pop-ups which had been soaking in a couple of different flavours, I then trimmed the baits down to around 12mm in size to allow more attraction to be released. I put two spomb fulls of bait over each rod and the mix consisted of 10mm Cell, 10mm Hybrid and matching response pellets. The bait had been pre-soaked in Meta Mino liquid and I was adding the Belachin Black stick mix liquid to each spomb full of bait I was casting. 

White Bait

It didn’t take long and after an hour the rod which was cast onto the showing fish was away which resulted in a lovely clean 15lb common. I was more than happy with the result but the next 24 hours were really quite with nothing else to show for my efforts despite the fish still showing themselves. Since beginning my winter campaign back in October I can count on one hand the amount of fish I’d caught during the night and it was pretty clear that bite time was during the hours of daylight. Now with that said I would love to be able to put a string of day sessions together as appose to spending the night but unfortunately the travelling distance prevents me from doing so. 


I woke up at 4:00am the following morning for a call of nature when I noticed the fish still showing themselves to my right-hand side in the next peg down. I’m a firm believer in effort equals reward and despite it being very early in the morning I decided to move once again one peg to my right. The fish continued to show over the next few hours around the new spot which now had all three rods tightly positioned together and little did I expect what was to happen next. As 10:00am approached my middle rod went into melt down but no sooner had a started playing the fish when my left-hand rod went as well! Luckily there was an angler in the next peg up who grabbed my other rod and both fish were safely landed. We were just about to do the pictures and get everything sorted when the last rod I had in the water was away! The fish were a 24lb mirror a 19lb common and a scaley 16lb mirror. 


Despite my best efforts over the next 12 hours, nothing else happened during the session but four fish was enough for me and it was a pleasure to be back on the bank. It’s now time to enjoy the next week or so and Christmas with the family before starting again in January and fingers crossed the big mirror isn’t too far away! 

Until next time