Daily video updates on prestigious carp match.

Daily video updates of this year’s World Carp Classic are to be added to the event’s website, it has been announced.

The events media consultant, Nic Brown explained: “After the huge success of ‘Live TV at Bolsena’ back in June it is no surprise that the world’s biggest carp match has rolled this technology out to cover the actual match itself meaning that anglers around the world can watch the drama unfold live throughout the event which starts on September 30th and finishes on October 5th at the mighty Lake Bolsena in Italy. Best of all, it’s totally free!

“The organisation will show live coverage of the parades and opening ceremonies, then each day The World Carp Classic’s main man Ross Honey will kick the day off with a short introduction, a rundown on what has happened so far and an insight into what we think may happen over the next 24 hours. Then throughout the day I will be interviewing many of the industry’s biggest names as they all make an appearance at the world’s biggest carp match. I will also grab competing anglers where possible and will bring a real-time insight from many of the best carpers in the world! We look forward to bringing you unbeatable coverage as the action unfolds!”

Viewing the World Carp Classic channel is easy and totally free, simply go to http://www.worldcarpclassic.com/ and the main header box (with the Ferrari in now) will be the Live TV channel, simply click the TV picture to get free and unlimited access.