Made from top-quality materials with a neat camou pattern, we take a look at the new Camo Puffa range from Wychwood.

Using quality insulative materials from the outdoor industry the Camo Puffa is the ideal warm top layer for when the weather takes a turn this winter. Stuffed with down to offer fantastic insulation, it traps warm air in the fibres, giving you a warm layer.

Using synthetic down prevents the risk of allergy and thanks to its unique construction it maintains a large loft. Like most down jackets it is light too, so it’s easy to wear, making you feel light on your feet. A criticism of many winter jackets is that they feel heavy to wear.

With three zipped pockets on the outside and a security pocket on the inside, the jacket is finished in the DPM camouflage pattern that has been hugely popular on the UK carp scene in the last couple of years. Finally, discreet logos adorn the jacket. The Camo Puffa is available in medium to XXL.
A camou gilet is also available in the range.

THE VERDICT: Packed with modern tech and performance, a great winter warmer.

Price: £89.99