Karl says: When I was initially asked to test the Wychwood Extricator MLT 10ft rod and Extricator 6000 ACS reel I struggled to think how it would fit into my angling. After a little thought, however, it became obvious that I was wrong.

The rod comes with a full-cork handle and is finished in a subtle matt black. With eight rod rings, the line follows the contour of the shorter rod better than others on the market and, being three-legged, they’re also very strong.

After catching what I can only call turbo-charged, hard-fighting carp on my local canal, it was obvious that the rod performed well under duress. While soft enough not to bump fish off under the rod tip, which is vital on the canal, they still have a 3lb test curve to turn a fish when required. I would have no issue using the rod for surface fishing, stalking and even as a full three-rod setup where extreme distance is not required.

The reel is a little less versatile, due to its size. When paired with the 10ft rod, though, you’ll have no issues when stalking, fishing at close range or on the canal. It has a long list of features, including a spare spool, a single and double handle option, a free-spool mechanism and Wychwood’s fantastic ACS clip system. These are unique and their ability to leave your line in the spool clip, which self- releases when required, is fantastic.

The reel did lack a little bit of cranking power, which is only to be expected with a model of this specification. Nevertheless, despite the 6000 ACS not being as versatile as the rod as far as application is concerned, the spare spool and handle options make it suitable in the situations that you would normally use it in. It is small, light and again stylishly finished in matt black.

Price: Rod £59.99; reel £59.99

Website: www.wychwood-carp.co.uk